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(Jobs in Kenya) Crop Protection Manager at AAA Growers

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AAA Growers is one of the leading exporters of premium & prepared vegetables from Kenya and the largest commercial grower and exporter of chillies from Kenya. We aim to provide quality products which redefine what innovative, healthy and delicious vegetables should be. AAA Roses (Forest Gate (EPZ) Ltd.) entered the floriculture industry in 2011 and in 2012 began exporting roses to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, the Middle East and other markets. In a relatively short time AAA Roses built its strong name in the Kenyan flower industry mainly due to high quality products, modern facilities and commitment and dedication of our professional team.


To keep all pests of concern in the farm below threshold and ensure maximum harvestable crop with below threshold pest level at Packhouse intake.


  • To implement chemical crop protection activities for the farm or assigned area.
  • To plan weekly spray programs for all crops in consultation with the Production Manager.
  • To obtain, follow and update IRAC and FRAC guidelines on use of pesticides.
  • To ascertain and supervise the use of only registered chemicals for each crop grown.
  • To eliminate chemical residue detection by observance of PHI and reduction of tank mixed active ingredients.
  • To ensure integrity of the spray equipment through regular calibrations (minimum monthly).
  • To ensure the spray equipment is in a serviceable state at all times and to follow up on any repairs that may be needed.
  • To implement various IPM approaches that help in better pest control, reducing the cost of controls and dependence on synthetic chemicals.
  • Continuous supervision and training of the crop protection teams for optimum results and safety of the spray team.
  • To carry out any other duties as instructed by the farm manager from time to time.


  • Ability to plan for sprays for different crop growth stages and generate a weekly spray plan.
  • Keeping up to date with new trends and products for crop protection
  • An understanding of PPPL’s for the various crops under production
  • A very good appreciation of pest threshold levels and their effect on final quality and production
  • Carrying out efficacy tests periodically

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