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(Jobs in Kenya) Customer Success Manager at Power Financial Wellness

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The Customer Success Manager seeks to develop a positive customer experience by playing a critical role in leading a vibrant team of Customer Success Officers in bridging the gap between the sales and active user process. This includes but is not limited to onboarding, product implementation and relationship management of all our corporate partners, end-users and all other stakeholders.

You will drive short-and-long term strategies across various designated touchpoints as determined by the company, utilizing all available communication channels. In this role, you will focus on prioritizing the needs and goals of the customer, guiding our clients in understanding all our products, driving the team to maximize potential user uptake and creatively implementing best practices tools to grow and retain an active customer base.

The successful candidate fosters a customer-centric team environment, consistently meets and exceeds key deliverables and maintains a ‘high-level view’ of the whole customer journey.


  • Customer advocate that builds client relationships and drives brand loyalty holistically
  • Manage the onboarding process of new corporate partners by assigning Account Managers efficiently for a seamless handover from the Business Development team
  • Possess a proven expertise of all of Power’s products, systems and processes, and can effortlessly guide new and existing customers through the platform
  • Sustain business growth and profitability by consistently analyzing customer data to determine underutilized opportunities or potential new revenue streams
  • Educate client champions on the value and full benefit of our platform, generating total buy-in and momentum for maximum uptake of our product(s) across their organization
  • Oversee the accuracy and confirmation of all onboarding company KYC/KYB documents
  • Liaise with the Operations and Credit departments to ensure each step is expedited accurately with a sense of urgency for a frictionless onboarding experience
  • Manage the scheduling of all partner and staff trainings and activations
  • Identify, communicate and resolve all client issues in a timely manner
  • Design initiatives that enhance the customer experience, resulting in improved user & client feedback, online ratings and NPS scores
  • Provide critical insights to the Business Support, Credit and Product teams to improve our evolving platform
  • Foster a cross-functional workplace environment with the Sales and Marketing HOD’s to promote information sharing, collaboration, unified objectives and teamwork


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Five years leading teams in either Customer Success and/or Support, Account Management or Direct Sales
  • A passionate leader who is always prepared to go the extra mile for the client, company and team
  • Proven ability to build and maintain strong relationships up, down and across all levels of an organisation
  • Possesses high customer intelligence with strong insight and unrivalled ability to customer needs
  • Strong communication, negotiation and presentation skills
  • Excellent creative and critical thinking skills, with an emphasis on developing and executing impactful strategies
  • Proactive team player with the ability to multi-task across different functions in a deadline-driven environment
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